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  • Diploma holders in drilling engineering are employed in petroleum rigs and petroleum services companies. They are paid well according to their skill and job experience. They are employed by many renowned private and government companies.

  • As a result of this specialist education, hopefully over 90% of the IPC’s student will get employment within the petroleum industry soon after the completion of diploma.

  • There are also opportunities in several disciplines involved in drilling, with solid positions in the Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

  • After acquiring the experience and necessary expertise they may also take up a career as a specialist or expert Assistant driller at one of the exploration subsidiaries.

  • After an initial posting to a subsidiary as a qualified drilling engineer, he will be given a change of post approximately every three years, alternating between a subsidiary and headquarters. Eventually, he may become a senior Drilling Engineer, a departmental manager at headquarters, a Drilling Supervisor in a small to medium-sized subsidiary then in a large subsidiary, or occupy other managerial posts.