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Excellence does not grow in wilderness; it has to be pursued with singular zeal and commitment.

International Petroleum College is a tale of success inscribed with the galvanizing force of progressive vision and Commitment par excellence.

  1. IPC is the first institute in Pakistan which is going to provide a complete technical training on Rig. At IPC we focus on turning enthusiasm into achievement and ground-breaking theory into Cutting-edge practice.

  2. IPC is offering a complete luxurious package of technical education in the field of OIL & GAS, including all necessary facilities of well-equipped classrooms, simulator appointed Practical labs, library ,furnished Hostel, and international standard Mess, etc.

  3. Studying at IPC give you a chance to;
    Be part of a selective community with a worldwide network.Protect the environment for future generations by implementing new and safer technologies.

    Study at a world renowned technical college with a unique standing and special focus on petroleum and mineral resources.
    Study leading technology, as the demand for safe, affordable and clean energy steadily increases.

    IPC enables you, to think critically, to question, reason and analyze; to take the initiative; to interact in groups; to be self-motivated and take charge of your learning, to cultivate advanced written and verbal communication skills; to be proactive, seeking out opportunities beyond the structure of your course for personal and professional development, to adopt integrity and moral values as a responsible citizen of the world.

  4. Enjoy the advantages of the strong cooperation between the School of Drilling Engineering and the industry e.g., early contact with industry professionals and the chance to work on interesting projects and research activities.