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About Us

IPC is the first institute in Pakistan which is going to provide a complete technical training on drilling Rig.

The on demand Drilling engineering diploma program is an appreciate able initiative taken by IPC to fill the gap between the Petroleum industries and college.

Students that follow the drilling Engineering Diploma will receive a competence based vocational training at the center, include real work exposure in the drilling industry.


Building expertise and excellence in the improvement of skills and competence in all facets of the petroleum industry.


Our mission is to deliver quality education and provide efficient technological man power to build a competent and committed workforce that will sustain and service the continental Oil & Gas industry.


International Petroleum College (IPC) put together excellent faculty and committed staff for its Drilling engineering diploma. However, The Primary objective of the College, are

  1. To produce Hands on National Diploma (HND) level technicians with the skills that are required to fill the many technical positions that presently exist in the Oil and Gas Industry worldwide.

  2. To provide the best professional and technical expertise to the candidates to make them easier to enter into the oil industries.

  3. To involve exposure to the real world of work in Industry.

  4. To promote collaboration and cooperation with the local and foreign Petroleum companies.

Moreover, In line with the competence-based learning nature of the diploma, the work experience will also be independently assessed to standards that are agreed between the college and the participating companies.