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    Rotray Drilling

    Course is Designed to enhance understanding of well control ...

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    Course is Designed to enhance understanding of well control principals ...

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    To provide a comprehensive approach to casing & liner ...

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    To provide understanding of the procedures, equipments,& operations...

About IPC

IPC is the first institute in Pakistan which is going to provide a complete technical training on drilling Rig.

The on demand Drilling engineering Modular Training program is an appreciateable initiative taken by IPC to fill the gap between the Petroleum industries and college.

Students that follow the drilling Engineering Program will receive a competence based vocational training at the center, include real work exposure in the drilling industry


Our mission is to deliver quality education and provide efficient technological man power to build a competent and committed workforce that will sustain and service the continental Oil & Gas industry.

MD MEssAge

Proud and ambitious, down-to-earth and friendly, we offer you a world-class learning experience that’s rooted in a rich educational heritage at International College.

IPC is a premier national college with an international standing. It has achieved this position by virtue of its futuristic outlook towards Petroleum education, strong emphasis on need-based research and focus on innovation and experiments.

Its Academic program is designed to meet the international needs and challenges of Oil & Gas industries. This Discipline is also being offered to prepare professionals to manage the ever-growing demands of Petroleum industry ... more